Sheffield Funeral Advice




Text Box: Arranging a Funeral is an important task that has to be done by most people in their lifetime. The choice of funeral director is paramount in that choice and these pages intend to give advice on how to choose a funeral director and the pitfalls to avoid. There is also some useful advice on who to contact at the time of making arrangements.

There are several funeral directors in Sheffield.

Before choosing a funeral service provider, it is ESSENTIAL to make sure that they are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors (N.A.F.D.). Whilst this is not a guarantee of the highest standards, it is the MINIMUM standard you should expect. Members of the National Association have to abide by the code of practice agreed with the office of fair trading. If the firm  is not a member of the NAFD, then there is no redress and no approved consumer protection if anything goes wrong. Make sure you look for the logo.

There is another organisation called the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (S.A.I.F.) .
Some Funeral Directors go under the banner of a small family business, but are managed and owned by very large companies or cooperative movements. The preferred method of arrangement is with the proprietor and owner of a family business. When calling ask for the owner—if the company purports to be (say) ‘John Smith Funerals’ ask to speak to Mr Smith— and if they avoid the question, ask again. I have tried to list below the main funeral directors in Sheffield. This list is not exhaustive, but I have given a brief description of them as I believe them to be true.

John Heath & Sons 
Probably the best-known funeral director in the Sheffield area. Owned and run by the Heath Family for 125 years - currently Adam & Jason Heath, all funerals arranged by the two partners. 

B and C Co-op 
Doing the largest number of funerals part of SCS Cooperative. Now owned and run in conjunction with S&E/Fairest co-op. It has a number of branches throughout the city. 

S and E Co-op
Were the largest in the city, but were overtaken by the B and C. Now owned by United Cooperatives whose main point of contact is in Rochdale. They do the funerals for those without relatives and arranged by the hospitals.

Eric Eyre Funeral Home
Based in Chapeltown, High Green owned by Eric Eyre himself—many funerals arranged by employees. A local family business.

G&M Lunt
Woodseats-based, owned as a limited company with shareholders as far afield as Australia, but still have Andrew Howarth and Michael Lunt working half a week each. Their fleet is Rover cars and hearse. A family business.

Wood Funeral Service
Owned by John Heath & Sons. Run separately.

Beechwood Funeral Service
Part of SCS

John Fairest Funeral
Now Part of United Co-op/ S&E / B&C Co-op 

Tomlinson and Windley
Owned by John Heath & Sons. Run separately

Swift and Goodinson
Owned by John Heath & Sons. Based with Tomlinson & Windley.

Stannington Funeral Services
Owned by John Heath & Sons. Run separately.

Peace Funerals 
Not members of the N.A.F.D. or any other funeral trade organisation. 

W. Simpson
Based on Fitzwalter Road, does many of the funerals on the Manor and Arbourthorne.

K’s Funerals
Small director whose work consists mostly of Memorial Masonry.

C&A Reed 
Part of Dignity, a national funeral chain. Dignity is a British company which employs around 2,200 people across the country.
Dignity was created in 1994 when Plantsbrook Group plc and Great Southern Group plc were merged. In February 2002, Dignity was the subject of a management buy-out headed by Peter Hindley and Mike McCollum, and backed by Montagu Private Equity.
In April 2004, Dignity floated on the London Stock Exchange.
WJ Hoyland
Based on Mansfield Road. Owned and run by Ralph Hoyland.

H Keeton 
Based in Woodhouse. Owned by The Keeton Family.